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2007 card detail

Welcome to our pages of Holiday cards. We hope you enjoy them, and that for some of you, they bring back pleasant memories.

Our first Holiday card, just after we were married in 1980, featured a close-up of a box of broken Christmas ornaments. Do any of you have that card? We'd love to scan it and make it part of this collection.

We've had lots of fun making these cards and honing the craft over the years. We get loads of ideas every year. But we try to make them family-friendly, so that eliminates most. Only a handful make quarter and semi finals, and only once was there a tie.

And then there's the Bizarre Factor. We like to make the cards a little bizarre, but they have to be understood by a few generations, and people from all different parts of our lives. Sometimes we ignore that, but everyone knows we play horns, so at least everyone knows what the horns are for. It's often a neat documentation of some of the things that were significant in our lives that year.

We owe some thanks for continuing this hobby to our friends Bob and LaNée Willey, who have the most bizarre Holiday cards every year. They're the undisputed champs in the field.


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