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Well, this was nice idea, but we should have tried harder.

This photo was taken at the hot new shopping area in downtown Minneapolis, RiverPlace. Roger had just started taking trumpet lessons at MacPhail School of Music, and his teacher was Lynn Deichert. The group in the back is Beacon Hill Brass, Lynn's group. Lynn is at the far right. Lynn's wife Louise plays the French Horn, and that's everyone's favorite brass repair guy, Eric Peterson, in the middle.

The idea was supposed to be that Tina and Roger were 'wanna-be' members of a fancy brass group, except that we had marching band clothes, and only played kazoos.

A little far-fetched, don't you think?

But they weren't just wanna-be's. Their own brass quintet, Classic Brass Inc., was being formed at that very time, and would continue well into the 2000s.


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