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1997 card small

Nearly all of our Holiday card photos are taken in November, but this one was lots different.

We've been skiers since the late 1980s, and in January, 1997, we took the Amtrak trip to Big Mountain in northwest Montana. It was a new ski area for us, and we enjoyed the train ride and the skiing immensely.

This resort had a professional photographer available to take memento pictures of visitors' skiing experiences. But we engaged the photographer, Kathy Sullivan, to take our Holiday card photo.

We asked Kathy to take us to the edge of a double-black-diamond ski run, where we'd pose, blowing our horns off into the abyss. Kathy found us just what we were looking for, and more! The run was named Bighorn!

So we had our Holiday card photo taken ten months early!

And at right, you can check out one of the poses we decided not to use. All told, we probably spent two hours with the photographer. She was a real gem. See her company’s web site if you like.


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