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1999 card small

The design for 1999 was straightforward, if exotic.

Tina and Roger are using a coconut and pineapple, respectively, for trumpet mutes.

This picture was taken in a rain forest on the island of Hawaii -- the big island. It was during a vacation with the McEivers, Aunt Jaki and cousin Barb. Barb took the photo.

We took the photos in to a processor right away to make sure they turned out well, and the color was a little funky and washed-out-looking, so we did a reshoot, and we really liked the colors the second time.

We also took a few photos along the eastern shore of the Big Island. We liked them, but they were taken a little askew -- the horizon wasn't, well, horizontal. We've fixed that digitally, and brightened the card a little. It would have been a good one, but we like the shadowy card we did choose.


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