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2003 card small

We've now entered the digital age of Holiday card creation, and we may never go back to reality.

This simple photo was taken in the warehouse district of Minneapolis by Minnesota Brass mellophone diva Tami Wood. But there's more than meets the eye.

The car is Tina's Neon. It's not the same car as in the 1995 card, but that's another story. Roger and Tina are portrayed here as black market horn sellers, hawking cheap horns from under their coats and out of the back of their car.

There are two pieces of digital chicanery. First, the shepherd's crook cornet sitting above the other horns on the rim of the trunk is the same horn Tina's holding under her coat. It was taken from another shot in which the horn was truly perched there. Second, the license plate is faked. It really is TRPT, but a little work in Photoshop easily turned that into HNS CHEP. It's supposed to be a sales pitch -- HORNS CHEAP.

The nine horns in the photo:

1. Tina's piccolo trumpet
2. A pocket trumpet, bought -- just for the heck of it -- over the internet from India for $25 plus $35 shipping. It's so bad, it's truly unplayable.
3. Roger's trombone
4. Tina's drum corps mellophone bugle
5. Roger's cornet (digitally placed there)
6. Tami Wood's French horn
7. Tami's mellophone
8. Roger's soprano bugle (You can only see a little bit of it.)
9. Roger's cornet


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