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2004 card small

This was our most complex card to compose, but its digital format helped us have complete control over it, and confidence in how it would turn out.

About twenty images and three photographs were merged and manipulated in Photoshop to make us look like pewter markers on a game board of our musical journey together.

We started by piecing together an image of a board in an Adobe Illustrator document. At the top we included musical activities we had recently concluded. We had Minnesota Brass anchor our musical lives from the 'go' position. Rounding the corner, we added upcoming shows, and groups we were still active in. Some 'Practice' cards filled in the empty space nicely.

We printed that document, pasted it on a piece of cardboard, and took a picture of it.

Then we took photos of each other, put them together in Photoshop and applied some filters to get a pewter effect. We merged that with the game board photo, and added a shadow. We probably should have added a base, too, to make the us look more like a game piece that would stand up.


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