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2005 card small

Once Tina had the basic idea for this card, it took less than an hour to have a near-final product.

Nine years ago it was a Stephen Sondheim play with Lori Maxwell conducting the orchestra that inspired the Holiday card. The same thing happened with Follies at the Bloomington Civic Theatre. This time you're seeing the program cover, but instead of the ghost of a 1920s Follies performer, it's Roger and Tina, the trumpeters from the 2005 pit orchestra.

We scanned the cover of the program book, took pictures of ourselves that matched the original, and cropped, resized, and pasted them in. All that remained was to add a credit for the photographer (and our web address).

The picture is too small for you to be able to tell, but Tina is carrying her new custom-assembled Edwards trumpet.

In the original photo by Kimberly Franken, her sister Jessica is portraying the ghost in the balcony.


2001200220032004 • 2005

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