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2006 card

The group in the photo is Minne-Brass, the small corps offshoot of Minnesota Brass. Now that Tina and I aren't playing regularly in the full corps, this is our drum corps outlet.

Taken by Marilyn Tye of Menomonie, WI, this shows the group performing for the DCI national championships. The structure in the background is Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI, where the contest took place. At the time Minne-Brass was the reigning small corps national champion, having won in September, 2005.

To make the group stand out a little more, we removed color from the background and blurred it a bit.

You can see Tina and Roger at the far left in the back, and the four folks in the foreground are Pat Ahern, Jackie Bechtold, John Ebert, and Reilly Tillman.

The card's text said ”Happy Holidays from little Roger & Tina and Minne-Brass.”


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