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2007 card

The idea for this one came to us in a flash one night right after Tina came home from a Thanksgiving trip to Mexico. We started taking all the pictures we needed the next morning, and got the card put together in a couple of days.

Our real Christmas tree is filled with little trumpets and other horns and musical instruments, so the twist here was to put all kinds of Christmas trees on a trumpet.

"Where did you get that huge trumpet?" Smart people have asked us that question. Sometimes I tell them it was from a department store display.

But, of course, it's a photo-enlarged version of Roger's real trumpet, and this card is the result of the wonders of Photoshop.

The little tree ornaments were the simple result of Google image searches for things like "Christmas trees," and "gold Christmas tree" -- but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

We first took a picture of the corner where our tree goes, and took a close-up of Roger's trumpet. We widened the horn to make it more the shape of a tree, and plunked it into the first photo. The shadow of the trumpet and horn stand are copies of them faded to black, and then made transparent and put in the right place against the back wall. Creepy.

Here's the next stage, with all the little trees scattered in places on the big trumpet where they could be hung.

Then we took photos of ourselves and sized and positioned us so we'd look right in the photo. With a little more messing around in Photoshop, we put little trees in our hands, and voila!, the card was finished.


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