The Willeys’ cards

2000 card small


The Holiday cards of our friends Bob and LaNée Willey have been the inspiration for Tina and Roger to continue improving their cards. Their cards are always funny and strange.

The two cards we’re showing here are typical, if any can be called that.

You can barely see Kevin, Bob, LaNée, and Dagney in the upper card -- which is one of their best -- so we thought we’d give you a better view, below, from one of their more recent cards.

The Willeys’ card is always the first one to arrive, and it’s usually the day after Thanksgiving. A couple of times we’ve sent ours out earlier than that, just to beat them.

As far as we’re concerned, they invented the art form.

Their 2004 card was one of their most bizarre. They dressed all in pink. It went well with the pink alligator they found in their garden one day. The alligator was very similar to the 75-pound alligator we found on our deck after coming home from a vacation. But that was a green one.



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