Roger Grupp -- seen enough?


Playing accordian for
my mom back in
about 1953

Find the geek in the
Pine City H. S. Band!
c. 1962

c. 1974



Painting my address
at 2317 Polk,
c. 1975

Trombones in the
Johnny Owen Band,
c. 1978

Conducting the U of M
Marching Band in
Downtown St. Paul, c. 1994



Dana Read, Ritchee Price,
Frank Minear and me
in Houston, 1999

At Charlier's publishing
house, Alphonse Leduc,
in Paris, 2002

I don't use pressure!
Andy Classen, me, and
Ray Vasquez, 2005


Roger playing the Harrelson Medusa (double-belled) horn

Sitting in for a couple of tunes
with Dave Baldwin's
Summit Hill Brass, 2007

Tina and Roger fanfare to open
Minneapolis’ Gold Medal Park
with Jim tenBensel, 2007

Playing the double-belled Harrelson
Medusa trumpet Arturo Sandoval
had just played at the Dakota , 2011



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