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Smokin’ in Pine City, 1996

Staring, starring Jessica, 2002

Playing R & B, 1998


E above Double C

Blue Skies, 2002

Roger Grupp has been a performing member of Minnesota Brass Inc. senior drum and bugle corps since 1971.

In 1975 (as a baritone player) and 1988 (as a soprano) Roger was recognized as the group’s horn player of the year. The corps graciously bestowed the same award on him in his last marching year, 2006. He was given the Brassy lifetime achievement award in 1979.

The world-class senior corps circuit, Drum Corps Associates (DCA), named Roger the best soloist in its 1993 championship competition. In 1995, his small ensemble was the hit of the DCA individual competitions with a 99.9 score; judges demanded an encore performance.

Minne-Brass, the ensemble Todd Tanji and Roger organized, won the DCA mini-corps championship in 2005, its first year of competition. The group is now in its 10th season, and promotes and raises funds for the full corps.

The Bugler’s Hall of Fame inducted Roger in 2009.

The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame named Roger an Associate Member in 2001, and inducted him as a full Member in 2009.

The Heartland Drum Corps Hall of Fame inducted Roger in 2013.

Roger began his drum corps career in 1961 and 1962 with the Pine City Saints, and continued with the St. Paul Scouts in 1963 and 1964.

Additional duties with Minnesota Brass Inc.

  • Assistant director, 1978 through 1981
  • Ran successful fund-raising event, 1978
  • Helped run 3 MBI-sponsored drum corps contests, ’78, ’79, ’80
  • Board of Directors 2 years (board chair 1 year)
  • Handled MBI concessions for 3 years
  • Maintained personnel roster for 20 years
  • Created and maintained MBI web page for 14 years

Other drum and bugle corps highlights

  • Marched as guest performer with Bayou City Blues in 1999
  • Marched as guest performer with Spirit of '76 in 1976
  • Performed with DCM All-Stars in 1991 and 1992
  • Featured on 1993 PBS DCI Finals broadcast story about senior drum corps
  • Played extended baritone and soprano bugle solo with University of Minnesota Marching Band in 1984, gaining publicity in Drum Corps World newspaper.
  • Biographical story published in 2001 Drum Corps World
  • Played role of G-Man whol killed Bonnie and Clyde in MBI 2012 production


  • Played role of airline captain in MBI 2016 production        G-Man

Other drum corps-related information

  • Long-time partnership with Tina Cavitt, an MBI and Minne-Brass member, since 1980; she has performed and soloed with MBI since 1973; the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame named Tina an Associate Member in 2002
  • Member of Classic Brass Inc., a professional brass quintet comprised of MBI players and alumni, since 1989
  • Made scholarship contributions to several junior corps members

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